6 Reasons to Buy Original Art

Susan B
3 min readMay 19, 2021
Original Artwork by Jayden Bot, collection of the author

Art is a physical manifestation of a particular culture at a particular time.

Art is a visual expression of human skill and creativity.

Art is a stimulant to a viewer’s emotions and intellect.

Art is all these things and more. But do we really need to own art — original art — live with it and display it in our homes?

Yes! Buying an original work of art is not just a gratifying pleasure, it is an adventurous act of faith. Believing that the creative endeavor of another human being has value completes the “circle of art,” — the connection between the producer and the consumer — and that profound feat of communication is the first reason on this list:

1. Connect with an artist. Buy their work. Artists are idealists who make work for the purpose of communicating with others. It is a notoriously tough profession. Selling a piece of art is not just a financial boost, it is a crucial affirmation that their work has touched another person.

2. Increase your Self-Understanding. Something about an artwork is speaking to you. What is it? Why are you drawn to a particular artwork? Is it an emotional connection, something that transports you to a moment in your past, or something mysterious you hope for in the future? Is it a cool, detached intellectual pleasure, a sensuous deep dive, or a calming, meditative escape? Learn about yourself through art.

3. Reveal Yourself to your family and friends. There is always a story about how you found the artwork, what it meant to you at that moment, who created it, what you feel about now that you own it, and why you placed it right there on that wall, beside that window. Owning original art is a wonderfully interesting way to let others know who you are.

4. Live in the Material World. Owning a unique, one-of-a-kind, painting, drawing or sculpture, and living with it in your home, is a joyful expression of our material existence. A graceful home becomes vibrant and memorable with the addition of a beautiful hand-made object. A meaningful work of art can pull everything in a room together so that a collection of objects becomes more than that: a feeling, a mood, an expression.

Original Artwork by Jayden Bot, collection of the Author

5. Create a Legacy. Buying art can be a valuable investment (if you can bear to part with it somewhere down the road.) Building a collection of pieces that work together and complement one another can be a thrilling experience, one that extends over years, and fills with memories of people and places and adventures. Original art that you own becomes the precious artefacts of your life.

6. Be Inspired. We humans are creative beings, and we need to be inspired. We need to keep our thoughts fresh and our minds open and living with original art helps us to do that. When we encounter an artwork that we love, it reminds us of the complexity and yearning of the human psyche. It helps us to open our eyes and see the world from a different perspective, and it allows us to appreciate the drive to create and the joyful achievement of successfully communicating through that creativity.



Susan B

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